Personally? I’m just an every day garden variety girl next door. I grew up in the platteland, with all it’s values, ethics and hard work. I moved to Cape Town after completing my degree, worked hard, had fun and married my husband Shaun in 2014. My pride and joy, Scott, was born in 2018, changing my life and soul forever. I also then realized how much harder women had to work to stay fit and in shape. And just how much they had to juggle to find a little bit of me space. Not as easy as I had once thought but with help, achievable.

And that’s me in a nutshell. Oh yes, I’m Candice.

MFB is a monthly subscription to a fitter, healthier you. Each month you will receive your box, which will contain your workouts, as well as Fitness / health related gifts to keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals.

MFB was created with the modern lifestyle in mind. Not everyone has the privilege and time to make it to the GYM. MFB brings the gym to you. Your workouts will be accompanied by a demonstrative video of each exercise. In these videos I will explain proper technique in order to educate and prevent injury.

BA Sport Science  from Stellenbosch University

BA Home Psychological Counselling UNISA

I have been a Personal Trainer for 11 years with one of the leading fitness brands in South Africa.

Your first month you will receive your “Registration Box”. This first Box is slightly bigger than your other Boxes. Consider it your “Starter Pack” and will contain everything you need to get you started.

Your “Monthly Box” will be delivered every month, with new workouts and new toys to keep you motivated.

Registration Box: R675.00

Monthly Box: R550.00

All payments are managed by Netcash. Your initial payment is a once off amount of R675 which you can pay via Credit & Debit Card, EFT or Scan to Pay. 

Monthly subscription is via debit order. 

You will be able to Face Time personally with me at specific times, so any immediate problems or changes that need to be made, can be made speedily and effectively.

There will be an option of joining a community of like minded people if you wish to join, that we will discuss in person once you have become part of the MFB family.

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